Can I dye a tent?

I have a section of my tent I would like to dye. It is a very light colour and I want to darken it down a bit to a beige/grey colour. is this possible? If so what would I have to do?



































By: brian

2 Responses to “Can I dye a tent?”

  1. It is really hard to dye outdoor gear fabric, because most of it has been treated with some kind of chemicals that repell dye. Ripstop, which is 100% nylon, can be dyed with acid dyes, but they require very hot water. I don’t recommend attempting to dye your tent section. I suggest a shade cloth or shopping for a new tent.
    best, Jennifer

  2. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Brian,
    First of all, knowing what kind of fabric it is will help me out a lot. Any way you can find out that info for me? Different materials take different dyes and the wrong dye can either ruin the material or just make a big mess. So if you could tell me what it’s made of I can then better help you out. Thanks