Can I Paint My Sofa?

Have an off white sofa that does not fit my decor. Is there an easy way to “paint” the sofa, yet be able to sit on it? If so, do you know any sources to buy a paint that would work for this project?

Dear Vicky,
In general, I do not recommend dyeing or painting upholstered furniture. However, if you want to investigate further, you could check out www.simplyspray.com. They wrote to me saying their spray-on fabric paint products can be used for upholstery. Since your sofa is off-white, you could undertake a big experiment and see what you get. Remember, you can have no attachment to the outcome, because, while you may be able to sit on it afterward, you might not be able to tolerate looking at it.
good luck,

2 Responses to “Can I Paint My Sofa?”

  1. Holly Ann says:

    I know this post was posted quite some time ago, but for anyone who might read it in the future. I did some research on painting furniture and I tried it. I didn’t see any harm because I was about to drop several hundred dollars on a cover. I ended up LOVING it. It was the best decision I have ever had. I used Behr Paint. I used a painters brush (not a roller, it will create a different look). You can still see the fabric lines so at first glance it looks as if the fabric is naturally that color. When you sit on it, it is not stiff. Yes, it does have a different feel to it however, I have never once had anyone ask me what kind of fabric it was. It feels almost like leather. It retains room temperature so that is always nice. It hasn’t scratched or chipped once. I would more than recommend to a friend.

    • Kirsten says:

      Behr, really!  Post a picture will you, I would love to see the outcome of that project.