Can I Re-Dye My Silk/Knit Sweater?

Hello Jennifer,
I have a black, silk, tightly knit, light weight, sweater that has faded a bit after 3 hand washings. Can it be re-dyed? What do you recommend?
Thanks, Karen

Dear Karen,
This can be re-dyed, but you will need to feel confident about using warm to very warm water. I would suggest the reactive dye black 250 from www.Dharmatrading.com, or black industrial dye (also from dharma). The industrial dyes go in the washer so the sweater would need to be able to sustain agitation, at least on the delicate cycle, and warm water. Get a paper catalog from dharma and read all about dyeing black.
I recommend washing black stuff in ivory snow liquid for non-fading results.
Have fun,

One Response to “Can I Re-Dye My Silk/Knit Sweater?”

  1. Sylvia Ivie says:

    hmmm  Silk is a protein based fiber and needs an acid based dye.  Dharma does carry that.  Fiber Reactive dyes normally for cotton and other plant based fibers can work if one chooses to include a mild acid like vinegar.