Can I Remove Color That Was Dyed?

Dear Jennifer,
I have a satin bridesmaid’s dress that was professionally dyed a light sage green. Would it be possible to have the color removed either by myself or professionally with even results? I would like to wear this dress again but need it to be an off -white ,even lighter shade of green, or maybe pink. If it doesn’t remove the color evenly or if it doesn’t work I really won’t be out much since I can probably never use this dress again so what would you recommend using if I do this myself? I know local stores sell Rit dye remover but if I need to buy a different brand where could I possibly purchase this? Thank you so much!

Dear Lisa,
Sorry, you cannot remove the dye from your dress. It is possible to discharge or remove dye from fabric in some cases, but only if the fabric is cotton, silk, or rayon, has no embellishments or trim, and can withstand a vigorous water process.
My suggestion is to look for an appropriate color dress at vintage or resale.

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