Can I wash a velvet frame handbag?

Hi there! I recently bought a really nice handbag on ebay – pre-owned, but bought from the first owner – which I would like to wash once.

I wouldn’t say it’s dirty, really, in fact it looks perfectly clean with no marks, but it does have a slightly ‘closet-y’ smell, like things get if they’ve been worn and then stored immediately without airing out, and it puts me off a wee bit – not enough to get rid f the bag, but I would feel better if there was a way I could wash it as it hasn’t gone away even after I’ve kept it out of my own closet for the few weeks I’ve had it. The problem is that it is made out of some sort of velvety material, so it’s not an obvious thing to wash. So I just wanted to get some ideas and advice on whether I can do that, and what to pay attention to, and what kind of results I should expect, that sort of thing.

It is a medium sized bag (A4 papers will squeeze in but not a book the same size), has a kisslock frame opening, and piping around the edges to give shape and structure. There is also some type of semi-rigid interfacing on the bottom to give the bottom some shape, but it is sewn in so I have no way to find out what it is. There is no label listing exact fabric composition, but the outside is some sort of velvety material accented  with a few beads and sequins, while the inside is a sort of cotton-like lining that might have some synthetic in it as it has a lovely sheen to it. It is dark purple in color (photo attached for reference).

Anyway, anything you can let me know around washing this type of thing, I would definitely appreciate it! thanks :)


By: Niki

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  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hey ya Niki,
    got the perfect thing for you. Dryell. Thinks that’s how it’s spelled. I forget some times. But it’s in the laundry cleaning section of just about every grocery store. It comes in a little oval shaped box with a clear blue lid and has everything and all instructions you’ll need. It’s a home dry cleaning kit and it works great! Just follow the instructions and keep your dryer on low and your bag will smell better than new.