Can My Clothing Be Preserved By Vacuum Sealing Them

I bought my 1 year old grandson a football jersey autographed by the player and want to put it into a steel “time capsule” that will be sealed (and kept inside my house) until his 21st birthday. I have one of those vacuum seal appliances that allow you to put food into special bags and vacuum seal them. Will this jersey be preserved for 20 years if I put it into one of those bags and vacuum seal it??

Andy is out of the office for a few days and ask that I answer this for you.

The plastic bag that you would probably use to “seal” this jersey may not be good for the jersey fabric at all. To be truly preserved, take the jersey to a dry cleaners who specializes in gown preservation. They will pack the jersey in acid free tissue in an acid free box that won’t damage the jersey over the next 20 years.

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