Can You Dye Acrylic Chatham Blanket Yellow?

Hi Dizzy Lettuce
Is it possible to do this to a white Acrylic Chatham blanket dye it yellow?
Best Regard

Dear Mike,
As Judith notes, it is challenging to dye acrylic and probably not worth the trouble. Here’s what Prochemical says about it:
“PROsperse Disperse Dyes produce only light colors on Acrylic fabrics. Acrylic dyes at a boil, but exhaustion is slow and there is not good build up for darker shades. Expect only pale to medium shades. All dyeing should be done in a stainless steel or enamelware container only; never use an aluminum pot. Use Pyrex or stainless steel measuring utensils and a large wooden dowel for stirring in the boiling dye bath. Always do test samples before working on a large project.”
Here is the link for more information at Prochemical:
Surely it would

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