Can You Sponge Dye Cotton?

Thanks for your response. I was mistaken – it is not canvas, but cotton. Does that change anything? Can I use a sponge and rub the fabric paint/dye over the fabric weave?

Hi Purnima,
Canvas is the kind of fabric, cotton is the fiber content. The chair is lovely, but I think it’s quite impractical to try to change the color. I can’t recommend any method. However, you can try it if you are willing to completely experiment. Remember, dyeing is a water-based process that requires warm to hot water, agitation, and rinsing. Without rinsing, you may experience dye that adheres to people who sit on the chair.
Please read all the instructions at www.dharmatrading.com and www.prochemical.com for dyeing cotton. You can also check out www.simplyspray.com. They have spray-on permanent fabric dye, mostly in very bright colors.

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