Can You Use Rit Dye on Denim?

I recently purchased a box of Rit color remover to lighten a pair of dark blue jeans. Nowhere on the outside of the box does it say not to be used on denim fabrics. Once I opened the box, the instructions printed on the inside of the box say not to be used on denim. Is there any way to remove some of the dark color from blue jeans? Thank You Larry

Dear Larry,
First, all dyeing is an experiment. Even I don’t know what will come out!
Next, I really don’t know why the Rit people say that but here’s my theory. Denim is two different colors – the woof is white or off-white while the weft is blue, black, etc. So if you remove color, you’ll get a very flat color – no denim contrast. (People have written to me about doing this very thing, trying to over dye and coming up with a solid, flat, funny looking pair of jeans). However, if you are not trying to over dye, maybe this won’t concern you.
Color remover is strong stuff. You could start with a little and see what happens! If you are not willing to experiment, you must go shopping.
Happy New Year,

2 Responses to “Can You Use Rit Dye on Denim?”

  1. Jackie Halpin says:

    I would like to dye a 100% cotton denim dress using RIT purple liquid dye…..will it work?

    • DizzyLettuce says:

      Yes, you can dye denim with Rit dye. The dark blue part of the denim (the weft) will remain dark blue – the warp, which was white or natural color, will take the dye. This makes for a very interesting effect! Have fun!