Can You Wear A Dress Anytime Of The Year?

Is it appropriate to wear a black velvet dress at any time during the year, or should it only be worn in the winter or during the holidays? I have a sleeveless black velvet and silk dress that I would like to wear on a cruise in February. Would that be appropriate?

Dear Janet: I must admit that I have never work a black velvet dress or any dress for that matter. I did wear a skirt once, but that is another story. We conferred with three gals, whose opinion we value. They include my wife, of 35 years, and two designers. Their opinions follow:
1-“I am really not sure about this one. The cruise is in winter (February,) but velvet is a warm fabric, even though it is sleeveless.” a Florida designer
2-“And the answer is….OF course it is okay to wear black velvet during the year! It’s a gorgeous, sumptuous and sexy material and makes you feel great and also the people around you feel great! If it’s a warm February, then sleeveless is ideal – finish it off with a brightly colored wrap – could be crocheted, in an open stitch….showing skin is fine. If it is cooler – then if sleeveless – finish off with a rich pashmina or shrug….
HAVE FUN with your clothes and create you own fashion statement! By the way, winter in white is gorgeous too!” California Designer So there you have it: Good Luck, Andy

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