Canvas Back Straw Material

In May 1999 Issue of Homes & Garden, I have seen spoon-back chairs, which were covered in ‘canvas-backed straw’ made in California. H&G couldn’t help, don’t have American manufacturers on their database. Can you help me?
Have you ever seen this material ‘canvas-backed straw’?
The other material, I’ve seen in a book Country houses of Majorca by Barbara & René Stoeltie. It was a raffia-covered chair. I’ve tried hours long finding something on the net. I wrote magazines etc…I didn’t succeed. I wish, You could help!

Eva: We looked at your files. These are high end decorator fabrics.
Contact a local interior designer and show the pictures to them. I’m sure they will be able to find the fabric you need. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

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