Canvas Covers


Hi , I have a blue canvas that covers the windows on my boat , I was wondering what I could use to dye it white since I have read that black is very hard to obtain , I was thinking about soaking the canvas in a bleach solution , but I do think that would weaken the canvas? Any suggestions? Thanks, Chesley

Dear Chesley ,
I don’t know exactly, but I wouldn’t try bleach which could significantly weaken the fabric. If the canvas is all cotton you could try Color Remover available at www.dharmatrading.com. Be warned, color remover requires very hot water either in the washer or on top of the stove, so if the canvas won’t fit in your washer, and you aren’t willing to build a huge bonfire with an enormous kettle in the backyard, you probably can’t use that method. I have used color remover with some commercially dyed items and the color did not budge. It does work great with things that have been dyed with reactive dyes. It’s all an experiment. Be sure to read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 before you attempt anything!!

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