Cashmere Slipcover Coloring

Since the plum color slipcover I ordered is on backorder for over a month and I’m entertaining on Thanksgiving… can I just Rit color dye a White chenille slipcover instead? I have purchased aubergine Rit fabric dye and I need a plum/purple colored slipcover for my chair. The chenille is 60% olefin/40% polyester. What will happen if I try to dye this fabric blend?? I can also buy a taupe colored cashmere chair slipcover… if I use aubergine to dye that, will the color come out as dark purple, plum, or eggplant??

Rit dye will not take on the chenille. It has to be a natural fiber for Rit to work. Look on their website for more info. As for the cashmere, do you mean real 100% cashmere? Check with Rit to see what they say about dyeing wool for a reference point. If it works, you will be mixing colors. Sort of like painting with watercolors. I like over dyeing natural, taupe, and ecru. The colors come out darker and saturated.
Send more info and I will do my best,

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