Celebrate Velcro and a Sneak Preview of Wearable Technology

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The challenge of fastening garments has gone from the buttom to the hook and eye to the zipper and finally to Velcro:

Fun Fact Friday: Velcro – DEN Blog Network

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Did you know that Velcro was first patented in 1955? Besides being a best friend to children too small to tie their shoes, Velcro has been used in everything from cars to military uniforms. A few years ago the US Army retired

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After many years of living with the ripping noise of velcro a moment of silence for:  Silent velcro: end those awful ripping noises » Lost At E Minor: For

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Listed as one of the hottest inventions this year, according to Webmpires, Silent Velcro is a new product that everyone will want. The new concept lets you.


Speaking of inventions, how about more wearable technology  Fashion Forward – 9 Wearable Technology Trends For Your Closet – Conscious Culture and Fashion – EcoSalon

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Technology has long been a part of clothing—from the creation of synthetic fabrics, to everyone’s favorite: Velcro—science is no stranger to style. Our foray into the futuristic gadget-driven hi-tech era is now seeing innovation become a driving force in fashion.








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