Changing The Color Of Your Upholstery

I have 2 wooden chairs in our breakfast nook that I would like to dye a different color. How do I go about doing that? The chairs are a cream color now and I want to dye them a cranberry color. Thank you for your time.

Dear Amy,
I am assuming that you want to change the color of the upholstered seats on these chairs.
I advise against trying the dyeing option. In order to dye fabric, the fabric must be a natural fiber (cotton, rayon, linen, or silk) and it must be submergible in warm water. Shrinkage and distortion are possible. You cannot pour dye right on the cushions on the chairs. (Although I sometimes receive correspondence from people who have done this, they are usually writing to me to find out if they can allow their friends to sit on the chairs after the process. The answer is No.)
I would suggest a much more simple method – get a fabric you like, cut it bigger than the cushions, remove the current seat part of the chairs, (they will either unscrew or pry off), staple the new fabric right over the old. Use the best staple gun you can get. Replace the seat cushions.Voila. Instant color change and a lot fewer steps.
Have fun redecorating!

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