Chocolate Brown Dress To Red Back To Brown

dressI have a 3/4 length chocolate brown dress made of 90% acetate and 10% lycra. It has never been cleaned. only worn a couple times (a couple hours each time). I went to get it out to wear and it looks like the fabric has bleed. in areas it has turned a reddish and also some areas throughout the dress. I love this dress and it was expensive. Do you know someone or yourself that can dye this back to it’s original chocolate brown to get rid of the reddish colors. I am overwhelmed and have gone to cleaners and made all kinds of calls and nobody dyes anymore(that is what they tell me) I live in palm beach county, Florida. you would think in an area like this there would be someone!!! thank you- Shirley, Florida

Dear Shirley,
unfortunately, acetate is very color-unstable. But if it was expensive and you paid retail for it, I would take it back. The store needs to know, and the manufacturer should sell something that will last longer than this.
Acetate is difficult to dye, but you can consult with Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com and see what she says. You are right, there are only a couple of places in the country that will dye individual garments, and for the most part it needs to be a natural fiber.
good luck,

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