Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Project


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Are you a master seamstress or a student of the needle and thread? If so, completing a new article of clothing or a new set of curtains from a simple bolt of fabric is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You might want to try something new or find a new spark of inspiration, though. Here’s how to choose the right fabric for your next project.



Pajamas are a lovely gift to make for Christmas or a birthday. It also makes slipping into them after a long hard day so much more rewarding. Pajamas are an article of clothing which you have a lot of flexibility with.

For a traditional pair of upbeat pajamas filled with color, try a bolt of flannel. Flannel has lots of colors and is relatively thin. A pair of flannel pajamas is perfect for the summer. You might also want to opt for satin. Satin fabric is light and smooth. That ‘slippery’ feeling of being inside them adds an extra layer of comfort. Either fabric will work well for this new project.


Curtains are usually very expensive and you may find that you cannot replace your old and worn out curtains based on your budget needs. Thankfully, a roll of fabric can be used for curtains and a bit of work on your part can save you hundreds of dollars on dressing up your windows.

Try using linen for a beautiful pair of summer curtains. It comes in light colors but stops people from looking in. Furthermore, it’s thin enough to allow sunshine and a light breeze to filter through the window. It suits windows both big and small. It affords the privacy you seek without compromising your comfort.

If you want a more luxurious feel, choose a damask fabric and create long flowing curtain panels. This fabric can be purchased in many different colors and patterns and will be much less to create your own rather than purchase ready-made curtains.


The problem with most living rooms is the continuity and the lack of variety between fabrics. It’s almost like everything is made from some blend of synthetic fabric. Add some variety to your room by making throw pillows. Throw pillows are very expensive to purchase but with a little time and fabric, you can make a throw pillow that matches an décor.

The excitement of making your own pillows is that it’s something for both beginners and experts. Beginners can enjoy learning the basics of pillow making, whereas experts can dabble in making their own designs and playing around with different color combinations.

Fabric Variety

Although these examples of fabrics you can use may appear exhaustive, they are but the surface of what is available on the market today. You can choose from hundreds of different fabric types. Combine them together and make something entirely new.

You can choose whatever fabrics you like for any project. Experiment a little. It might not come out exactly how you planned, but it’s all about learning and determining what works best for you.

Marie is an intermediate crafter who enjoys sewing and creating new items with a variety of fabrics. She saves money on fabric and other crafting materials by visiting Fabrics.net

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