Classic Through The Ages – Wool Crepe


This vintage-inspired pencil dress is one of Simone’s absolute favorites. One part ladylike, one part femme fatale, this style looks amazing when teamed with matching opaque tights for a color-block effect (especially in red!). Classic wool crêpe wit…


Wool Crepe is a plain weave fabric with a crinkle/crepe effect that doesn’t wrinkle.  The crepe effect is achieved through the use of alternative Z and S twist yarns and can come in weights from dress weight to coat weight.  Although our wool crepe weighs only 10 ounces per linear yard, it feels heavier because of the crepe/sponge feeling.

An interesting little fact about wool crepe is that it was used as a stage make-up item as false hair and mustaches before 1850. Applied with morticians wax to stick to the face.

Wool Crepe is suitable for suits, jackets, skirts, slacks, dresses, evening wear and blouses.  Unstructured designs with drape are suggested.  Wool Crepe should be pre-treated by dry cleaning, sponging or hand washing in cool water and letting dry flat.  Although the article was written a few years ago it is still the best I have seen for Prepping Wool Crepe from Diary of a Sewing Fenatic.  http://sewingfantaticdiary.blogspot.co.uk/2007/11/prepping-wool-crepe.html


Interface only with sew in interfacing as fusible interfacings will change the drape and appearance of this fabric.  Medium size sewing machine needle with a medium stitch length is suggested.  Pressing as you sew is important, being careful to press on the wrong side to avoid seam allowance showing through on the right side.  Let steamed garment dry before hanging up on hangers.


Our Wool Crepe is imported from England, weighs 10 ounces per linear yard and is 54/55” wide.  24 colors are available.

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