Cleaning Dye Off

Hello, I had the opportunity to travel to India this Fall and bought a cotton tablecloth with dark blue and red colors in an intricate design. Sure enough, I have to clean the cloth, but I can tell that the colors run because when I tried to lightly sponge the fabric, the dye came off on the rag. What’s the best way to clean the cotton, is there a way to set the dye?
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I really don’t know what will happen but you could try setting the dye with Retayne, which is available from www.dharmatrading.com. Follow the directions on the bottle. You may also want to get a small bottle of Synthrapol to wash the cloth in the future. This make sure excess dye rinses out of your machine. You may still need to clean the inside of your washer. I use 409 myself for this purpose.
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