Cleaning Suede

suedeMy problem is a second hand suede jacket that I would like to clean. It is currently is very nice condition but I would like to wash it to freshen it up. My brother washed his suede jacket in his front loading washer and it came out fine, do you think I could do the same??? I would take it in to be cleaned, but the drycleaner said it had to be sent away and would cost $50, which seems crazy when I paid $5 for the coat in the first place. If I did wash it what would I treat it with after to replenish it’s natural oils…. Thanks

Hi Karen,
I really don’t know what to advise you here. I am not a leather expert. However, I do know that there is leather, and there is faux-leather – the latter is polyester and can be washed. Search on line for leather cleaners, both services and products. Educate yourself about different processes and about what kind of jacket you have. Then you can make an educated decision.

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