Clothing Line Information

Hello, I live in New York and I want to start my own clothing line, I attend F.I.T I am, still clueless as to how to start I have so many ideas I just need help getting down I would like to work with a design team but I need some good start up info, I am currently doing my research, any help with be greatly appreciated. thanks Andy,

Dear Monique: You are well on your way. Attending F.I.T. is a great start. Speak with your teachers. Talk with your guidance counselor. Being right there in the heart of the American textile industry, can only bring you closer to your dream. Start small. Graduate and get a job in the industry. Learn the trade from a working point of view. Ask a lot of questions. The American apparel trade needs new blood injected into our system.
Don’t rush into anything. You will need money to start a company. You will need money to sustain it.
Talk to your fellow students. Some of them may be interested in becoming a part of your team. We look forward to meeting you at some of the fabric shows where we exhibit. I may even be wearing my Ask Andy button. Good Luck, Andy

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