Coats And Sunfading

I recently came across a cashmere/wool pea coat in a clothing store that was labeled as being navy. When I looked at it though, it looked VERY deep navy, almost black. However, I’m worried about the color fading over time and becoming more navy than black.
My question is whether or not a coat like that could be dyed black. How much would a dye job like this cost, an would it have any side-effects on the fabric?
Thank you,
H. Mai

Dear Henry,
Here is my opinion on this matter. There are a million coats in the world and many are quite inexpensive. I really wouldn’t worry about some eventual, many-years-from-now outcome on a wool/cashmere coat. By the time it fades, you will be onto something else. If you are really concerned about fading happening soon, keep the coat wrapped in a cotton sheet in your closet during the summer. This kind of thing is remarkably colorfast overall, unless it is stored in a brightly sunlit space, like a closet with a skylight or a store window. Take a look around the Goodwill or a resale shop near to you to see how older coats fare!
Panny and Company in London might re-dye it if you are still stuck on that idea. Search for them on Google, sorry I don’t have their site address right here.

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