Cold Process Dyeing Technique

Hi Jennifer
I’ve been dyeing some t-shirts with a cold process dye technique and I was trying to figure out how I can create a worn out look. Is there a process that one can give t-shirts a vintage look. I know that for jeans there are various techniques such as sandblasting etc. Is there a process one can do at home?

Dear Shirin,
Search the internet for cotton dyeing techniques. There’s loads of stuff out there. Here are some place to look and to post questions:
www.dharmatrading.comwww.prochemical.comLook through yahoo groups to see if there are any on fabric dyeing, in particular special effects dyeing.
You could try washing your shirts with rock salt (2-3 cups per load) and also experiment with color discharger from Dharma (start with a little bit!!!).
have fun,

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