Cold Water washing, is it really saving $$??


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Is using only cold water in our washing machines really saving money and our planet? As usual, there are really no simple answers. If you find yourself pre-treating stains that didn’t come out the first time, using warm water may be the answer. Some stains simply do not come out in cold water.

More information at Dr. Laundry’s blog at http://www.clorox.com/blogs/dr-laundry/2006/09/20/washing-clothes-in-coldwater/

Do your towels have a musty odor when they come out of the dryer? Does the perspiration odor survive washing and drying? Warm water and an enzyme detergent can remove these odors.

Dr. Laundry has tips for these problems too http://www.clorox.com/blogs/dr-laundry/2008/02/01/cold-water-laundry-results/

By regulating the hot and cold mix that goes into your washing machine, you can conserve both money and natural resources. Just adjust the hot and cold water spigot that feeds the washing machine.

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