Color Cotton White Dresses

Hi Jen – I purchased 2 identical white cotton dresses for the renewing of my vows on the beach in Jamaica in a couple of weeks.
I wanted to dye my dress an ivory color and my daughter’s dress a royal blue color.
These colors will match the colors of the “Hawaiian” shirts that I purchased for my husband and son.
Is dying these dresses this something I can do easily on my own (I’ve never done before) or should I have a professional do it?

Hi Betsy,
In fact, no dry cleaning establishments provide dyeing services, and there are only a couple of places in the country that do it. Check out : www.fabricdyeing.comBefore doing anything, please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101. Dyeing is a warm water process, so the dresses must be able to take warm water and agitation. In addition, the thread and any trim, like zippers, will not dye at all.
many blessings to your renewal!!

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