Color Discharge

I the bride in an informal garden wedding in three weeks. A wedding dress for this occasion was hard to find, since most are over-the-top or sundresses. The only thing I liked was a silk dress coming out of China–I ordered it in white and it came in very cream. I’m in dire straits–love the dress (hate the color), don’t have any time to return it, and can’t find anything else to settle for. So…I researched discharging dye from silk. Went to Dharma’s site and figured my best option was to buy the soda ash-thiox-Synthrapol experiment. I have nothing to lose, because I’m not wearing the dress as it is. Here’s the clincher: there is satin ribbon of the same cream color at intervals on the skirt of this dress. I understand that will not discharge? But I think it may lend a unique vintage flair if it stayed that way. Do you have any experience with discharging a cream color from silk (what color it might discharge to?) Any suggestions you have before I undertake this would be so appreciated! I included a photo to help. Basically, if I can get the silk part a few shades whiter (if not white) with out mottling the whole thing I’ll be happy!

Dear Maggie,
Color discharger from Dharma is generally designed for cotton, linen, and rayon. In my experience, it is not as reliable for silk. You could try it if you are willing to experiment. I don’t know what the ribbons will do. If they are polyester, they will not change in color.
I really don’t have any other suggestions other than to look on eBay and at vintage shops. Maybe you can find something that will work!
many blessings for your wedding,

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