Color Resistant Rugs

rugHello I found your site on a Google search hoping you may be able to answer my question. I was given 3 beautiful carpets from Morocco made from vegetal silk (I think the aloe plant or similar). They are really lovely but they have a problem which is the dyes do not appear fixed. A glass of water was spilt (luckily on the edge) and I noticed the dyes began to run. Is there any method I can use to fix the dyes and at the same time avoid running the colors? One person told me these rugs, while traditional gifts for weddings, etc. were primarily meant to go up on walls and therefore the dyes were not fixed. This is particularly the case as many of these are sold to tourists as silk! In any case, the person who bought them knew they were not silk but were sold as ‘soie vegetal’ (vegetal silk) but was not warned about the color issue. The material otherwise appears very resistant. Could you advise? Thanks in advance David

Bonjour David,
I really don’t know what dyes or fibers you have here. Dharma Trading Company (www.dharmatrading.com) sells a dye fixative for commercially dyed garments, called Retayne. This requires treatment with HOT water. I have used it in the washing machine.
You could investigate this product.
If it were mine, I would call Dharma directly and see if you can talk to someone who might know. Also, call Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com and see what she says. Felicitations du Texas! J’aime bien discuter des tissus et tout ca en francais, mais mon francais ecrit est faible!

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