Coloring A Cotton Dress

I have a quick question. I just bought a brand-new white cotton dress, it’s plain cotton on the bottom (with a hem) and there is a fair bit of detail on the top, gathering, stitching etc (just above the waist). I was hoping to wear this to a wedding. As I know, it’s not good to wear white to a wedding so I was hoping I could dye the bottom half of the dress, blue, green or pink, preferably a soaked up kind of look… (see Gwen Stefani’s wedding gown). Then I could just compliment with a similar color ribbon around the waist.
What’s the best way of going about this? I can’t find tips anywhere! Please reply, I have this function in a week!

Hi Yasmin,
Ombre dyeing, such as you suggest, is an advanced technique. If you want to experiment, I would suggest getting a length of cotton muslin and trying it out first. You can get all the supplies that you need at www.dharmatrading.com. Ask.com is a good site for searching for Ombre dyeing and other information on how to dye fabric. I don’t know if you are going to be able to do all this in the next week! If you are indeed in the background for the wedding, your white dress will not matter so much. Anyway, all rules are off on weddings these days.

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