Coloring Super Stretch Fabric

Hi, I have been exploring your site. I am desperate to learn to dye some fabric and laces to use in pageant wear sewing. What I need to accomplish is to take heavy super stretch fabric, chiffon and organza and different fiber lace and dye them all the same color. I have no idea where to even start on this but as my business is expanding I need to learn how to do this. From what I have learned other designers are doing this to match the different fabrics together to create the dresses and sportswear with all the trims and fabrics being the same color. From the bit I thought I knew about dyeing fabric, I thought only 100% cotton could be dyed successfully. Where do I start to learn this process?
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

Dear Debra,
Someone wrote to me a few months ago on this very subject. She reported that she dyed synthetics by dipping them in airbrush paint. This type of fabric dye has to be heat set in the dryer. You will need to experiment to find out how it works as I have never done it. Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study it carefully. You will need to start with white or off-white fabric and trim in order to get all the same color.
good luck and have fun!!

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