Colour Transfer problem

We bought a lazyboy sofa and chairs in a chenile fabric light colour. Colour transfer has taken place over 3 months. I am told I should check all my clothes for Dye fast and the same for visitors before they sit down. I had no warning about this. Is this a suitable reason for a fabric sold “Not fit for purpose” under trade descriptions Acts.

Thank you

By: Ian

One Response to “Colour Transfer problem”

  1. Jennifer Thompson Miller says:

    from your brief description, I am not sure what is happening. Is sofa color coming off onto your clothes? Or is the sofa being colored with a distinct color seemingly coming from your clothes? One thought: chenille can shed fibers easily. Perhaps linty-color is coming off onto you & your guests?
    If the sofa is not colorfast, then you may have a case. In any event, the situation is not working for ease of daily life. You should not have to check your clothing for colorfastness. If you are not getting any assistance from the vendor, I suggest going up the food chain to the next person, by whatever means possible.
    best, Jennifer