Cotton Print Fabrics

So I want to open my own online fabric boutique specializing in quality cotton prints. A trade show seems like a great place to gather info and make contacts. So my question is…which tradeshow? I can’t afford to travel outside the US right now. I’m considering the show in LA in October and there is one in Las Vegas at the end of this month. I’m really fond of Japanese import prints (though I think they are manufactured in Korea and China) like those sold at kitty-craft.com and fabrictales.com. Do you have any insight into which show might be the better choice for cotton print fabric?

Keyla: You are on your way, as you have already picked some great shows to attend. One you missed is the wholesale only, trade show in Houston, TX. This year, November 2-5, 2006.
Visit www.quilts.com to register to attend.
Happy Shopping and Good Luck. Andy

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