Cotton question


I want to make a high quality pant and matching shirt, both from the same fabric.  I want them to feel like a t-shirt.

I am confused as to whether to buy single knit, double knit, jersey knit, or interlock.  I want a high quality, such as a high-end designer would use.

What kind of cotton should I buy?

Thank you!


By: Karla St.Luke

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is going to be personal preference.  I like Jersey knit, myself, but it also has to do with the fiber content.  I have found that Rayon/Poly Jersey knits tend to keep their color and feel for a long time where as a 100% cotton knit tends to wear out rather quickly and pills in the crotch area.  Double knit tends to be too hot for me but it may be just right for you.  Single is going to be light weight and may be too thin and interlock doesn’t stretch as much.  Test your closet and see what your favorites are.  That would be my best recommendation.  If you choose something you are not used to you may spend a lot of time and money on a garment you end up not liking.