Cotton t-shirts

I stumbled across a t-shirt years ago which, if memory serves, was produced by Russell.

The fabric was really thick, heavy, and the crew neck was great.  Even after years of washing it is still in good condition although a bit faded.

As I search for similar t-shirts what sort of gauge material should I look for?  I have seen designations such as 5.5 oz but I do not know how that compares to others.  Help!


By: James Tiefel

One Response to “Cotton t-shirts”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi James,
    To be honest this area of the fabric and fiber market has always confused the daylights out of me. There is and there is not a standard by which thread is measured. What I mean by this is there are multiple ways of standardization it just depends on which one is being used, the confusion comes in because there are similarities in each system. I found this site with a good explanation but truly it is still confusing. You could order from two different manufacturers the same size and weight of material and get two different things because the systems look similar but are not. http://designer-entrepreneurs.com/blog/illustrations/Thread_Sizes.htm, hope this helps.