Cotton Terry Velvour At A Reasonable Price

Dear Andy,
I recently created a design for a pillow that I am patenting and am looking to have it produced en masse in NYC. In my travels in the Garment District, I have noticed the fabric I am using for my product (cotton terry velour) is quite expensive at wholesale prices. Do you know of manufacturers that I can buy from directly? Currently, I am gathering information, making a prototype and getting ready to start having informal conversations with potential buyers. Can you tell me what information buyers will want/need at this point? Any assistance is very much appreciated!

Dear Pamela: A patented pillow is a novel idea. Most “pillows” today are being manufactured overseas. In some instances, the pillow covers are being produced there, and the pillows are being stuffed here in the US. I don’t suggest you show any potential buyers your products, before you have your patent in hand. If you do, you may see your pillows on store shelves, before you can produce one pillow. Then you’ll be spending more of your time in court, than in making and selling pillows. As far as the cotton terry velour, you’ll have to attend some wholesale fabric trade shows, to find the best deal. Two shows will be at the Javits Center in the coming months. Visit www.material-world.com and http://www.apparel-graphic-design.com/fabric-trade-shows.html to register. Ask lots of questions and Good Luck, Andy

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