Cotton White Skirt To Black

I have a question, and I hope maybe you can help me.
I have a short white skirt from Club Monaco (I don’t know if your familiar with the company-if that helps in anyway); there is no lining in the skirt and it’s kind of see-through but it’s made of 100% cotton. The bottom of the skirt has an eyelet trim.
Anyways, I would like to dye it black, and was wondering what your suggestion would be. I want it to be BLACK…I’m afraid if I do it myself it will turn gray or something or not dark enough…I want to do it myself, but I’m a little apprehensive, I’ve never done this before. Also, the zipper is plastic, but white; will the dye get the thread of the zipper, so that only the teeth end up still white?
I appreciate any help and direction you can give me, Thank You very much for your time and attention
Yours truly,

Dear Shadia,
Your apprehension is well founded. Black is the hardest color to get, even with reactive dyes. Here are a couple of other caveats: the skirt is almost certainly sewn with polyester thread, which will not take the dye. You are right, the zipper tape and teeth will not dye either. Plus my guess is that the eyelet lace is part polyester and will take the dye at a different color from the rest. It is really not worth the trouble. If you want to try it anyway, check out www.dharmatrading.com for instructions on using the reactive dyes. Don’t even bother to try Rit dyes, you will definitely get a sort of lukewarm charcoal. If you absolutely adore this skirt then I suggest that you take it to a seamstress and have one made in the black fabric of your choice.
Dyeing really is fun and I hate to be discouraging! If you are interested in messing around with fabric and color, get some prepared-for-dyeing stuff from dharma and have at it.

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