Cotton/Polyester Draperys

Hi! I have a number of drapery pieces which I bought for an apartment. The pieces are swag, scalloped and gathered. They were expensive. The tag says fabric 100% cotton with lining a mix of 50/50 cotton/polyester.
The print is floral with shades of green, brown, and mauve on a cream background. I also have two pillows in this fabric. I refuse to imagine that I cannot do “something” with all this expensive fabric.
Can a professional cleaning establishment “bleach” to a neutral and/or can they be dyed?
Your help will be very much appreciated.

Dear Vicki,
Well, I can imagine quite a few things that you could do with all the fabric , but dyeing or bleaching what you have there are not among them. Yes, cotton fabric can be dyed, but over dyeing a print is iffy. You will be combining colors and end up with a new sort of print-mix. Sometimes dye can be discharged, but again you will be discharging unevenly. If you can’t use them in their current color scheme, try selling them on eBay and getting something new.
If you want to confer further with a professional, contact Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com. She will have a good idea how they will come out with over dye.
good luck,

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