Creating New Memories of Your Wedding?

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The SandPaperRe-creating New Memories From Wedding DressesThe SandPaperThe projects take shape on the serger, sewing and embroidery machines. The embroidery machine is used to put the baby’s name on blankets and bibs and the cristening date on the bo …

Repurposing your special wedding dress is such a great idea!  All of those thoughts about your daughter wearing your dress for her wedding do not take into account how to store the wedding dress for a year or 5.  Keep in mind that you may be moving more than once in the next 5 to 10+ years and there may come a time when you decide that moving the wedding dress is more trouble than it is worth. 

Remember that any stains in your dress need to be removed before storing the dress, especially if you have plans that you will have a daughter and your daughter will want to wear your wedding dress.  If you plan on repurposing your gown, you won’t worry so much about storing or moving the gown.  Just fold the gown carefully and store out of the sunlight.  The gown can be cleaned before you repurpose.

31 Ways To Repurpose Your Wedding Gown – FreeShipping.org

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You’ve already done the wedding march and packed away your wedding gown. You could wait 20 years then toss it, or consider one of our 31 ways to repurpose that super-expensive dress.



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