Crib And Cradle Bedding

Hope you can help me! I stumbled upon your web site and am not too good on the computer. I have a small business, The Cotton Patch of Virginia that sells wholesale Crib and Cradle bedding to baby furniture and bedding stores in Virginia and Pennsylvania. I would like to attend a Wholesale Textile Show in NC, VA, MD or PA area. Looking for fabrics (Quilting and Home decor) and embellishments. Could you recommend one or tell me who I would need to contact? Thanks, Barbara

Dear Barbara: You are going to have to expand your horizons. One of the best wholesale trade shows for fabrics starts on Saturday, October 30 in Houston, Texas. Visit www.quilts.com. Twice a year there is a wholesale trade show in New York City. Visit www.fabricshow.com for that information. If you will only travel to NC, MD, PA, or VA, you are going to have to put on your own trade show. Happy Trails and Good Luck, Andy

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