Curtains: Polyester Voile Fabric Characteristics

Curtains: Polyester Voile Fabric Characteristics

Voile curtains are very lightweight and can be almost transparent. It drapes and gathers very well. Here are some of the characteristics of polyester voile fabric:

Texture: Can be transparent. Good hand feeling.

Appearance: Elegant appearance with fine air permeability and drape.

Creativity: Can be embroidered, printed, and can be placed with W/R,W/P,PA/PU/PVC coating.


sheer curtain fabrics are especially helpful when you need to brighten a room. Even when gathered together, the lighter curtain colours let in more light. By simply stretching out the fabric to minimize the gathering, you can brighten up a whole room. Sheer curtains are ideal for indoor plants because the voile protects them from direct sunlight yet provides enough light to allow them to grow.

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