Dear Ask Andy Readers

Dear readers: We just came across a web site at www.fashionforprofit.com that seems to answer a lot of the practical questions that we get here at the Ask Andy column. We are always happy to render our personal opinions. We have read about the author, Frances Harder, and I believe that she has a lot to offer. Visit the site and Good Luck, Andy

Thanks Andy for the recommendation. They may also want to go to my other site www.Fashionbizinc.org I have put them on our email list so look for information on seminars. We have begun to film seminars and have a few ready for sale.
Thanks again.
Frances Harder

www.Fashionforprofit.comDear Frances: Thanks for the additional information about www.fashionbizinc.org. I hope that our readers purchase your book. We hope that you may consider to add your ad to the fabrics.net web site, either now or in the future. Sincerely, Andrew

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