Design your own fabric and they will print it!

Wool Melton

Image via Flickr

Since the late ’90’s when we started Fabrics.net people have asked where they could go to have their design printed on fabric.  Well, as I was out strolling around the internet last week I found Spoonflower Custom Printed Fabrics.  www.spoonflower.com

The creators offer no minimum yardage requirement to print your fabric on several types of fabric that you choose from cottons to silk. http://www.spoonflower.com/spoonflower_fabrics    Their weekly design contests are fun to peruse and if you don’t have a design to print right now they have original designs from their members already printed and for sale.

While you are visiting Spoonflower, don’t forget to vote on this week’s design contest.  In fact their whole web site is inviting!  Be sure and visit their instructional videos on You Tube just go to www.spoonflower.com/connect for a listing of the videos.

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