Design For Blue Jeans

jeanLooking for advice. I am not a designer and have no talent it that area, which is a problem. However, I have a design in my mind for blue jeans that I came up with. I have a nephew trying to do a Photoshop design of my concept for me but two weeks later………well you know kids and responsibility. Anyway that aside could you advise me on the following once I get exactly what I want from my nephew in how to go about pursuing if I have a viable idea or not: 1. How do I go about getting a prototype pair made? 2. Who do I present the prototype to once I get them made? 3. Do I need to show them under a Non-Disclosure Agreement? 4. If someone likes the design what next? Thanks, Frustrated in Boston!
Take your design to a local tailor or seamstress.

They should be able to sew it up for you.
Questions 2-4 are more difficult to answer.
If you show them to a large company, and they copy the idea, even if you have a Non-disclosure Agreement, how much money or time will you have to fight them in court?
If you decide to go into business yourself, and make these, again, how much time or money will you have to protect your design. A small change of a button, or zipper, or stitch, can render your design patent, worthless.
I’m sorry, but there is no easy way or easy answers for your questions.
Good Luck, Andy

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