Designing A Table Cloth

table cloth

Hi. I will be working at a company that caters parties. My job will be making and designing the tablecloths. do you have any idea what would be the best type of material to use. I have spent all day online checking this out and am coming up with zilch. Thank You. Sue

Dear Suzanne: Part of our day job is selling fabrics to the Special Event market. Visit and plan to attend the Special Event Show (www.thespecialeventshow.com), which will be held in January in Los Angeles. There are many different types of fabrics, these days, being used for tablecloths. You may want to consider attending a wholesale fabric show, the next one is in Las Vegas in August (www.fabricshow.com) Some folks want the glitz and sparkle, some companies want fabrics that can be easily washed and reused. Depending on your needs, a good supply of different fabrics for different events is crucial. Figure out the “look” you want. Milliken makes a fabric, known in the market as “Visa” that is very wash and wear. The fabric is available in a broad range of colors.
Happy Fabric Hunting and Good Luck, Andy

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