Designing Fabric

I am doing some research for my daughter, Kelley, who designs and sells baby slings online (www.kozycarrier). She is very creative and wants to start designing her own fabrics. Do you do this type work, or what would you advise? She would be ordering 100+ yards at a time of any given design. Thanks for any help or advice you could offer.

Hi Kayward,
runs of custom-designed fabrics usually start in the 5,000 yard vicinity. But, what a good idea. Another idea is to study color-on-fabric with all the tools and resources available at www.dharmatrading.com and see what she can come up with. I produce my custom-designed fabrics pretty easily in increments of 50-100 yards. However, I work (usually) in silk which is quick and a big piece will fit in the washer.
When you are ready to have fabrics manufactured, you can search for fabric on-line and will get lists of factories and also brokers in China and India. have fun!

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