Designing pants for a new company


I have found myself very interested in the fabric industry, especially when I decided to pursue creating pants of certain thickness like casual cotton that I can’t seem to find around here.

I have bought these pants from Carolina Herrera and they are made durable, suede like feel which comes in light beige and navy mainly.

Would I be able to use the exact same material in producing more colors ?

What should I do to locate the origin of this material or producer?

Can it be reproduced in case specially made for clients?

Where do I begin this long passion towards production?




By: Faisal

One Response to “Designing pants for a new company”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Faisal,
    The first stop in your quest to locate this fabric is to submit a FabricFinder request at http://info.fabrics.net/post-a-fabricfinder-request/
    If the stores and sources are unable to find this fabric for you, it could be that the manufacturer or the slack, Carolina Herrera, may have contracted with the fabric manufacturer to produce this fabric expecially for them. If this is the case, the fabric may not be available to anyone else.
    Hope the fabric is available!