Diamond Tufted Seats – Sun Damage

seatJennifer, My father has a truck he is restoring and the black crushed velvet, diamond tufted seats are in perfect condition other than the sun has dyed the color out. Is there any way for me to dye these seats back and get it to retain the black color? I have done upholstery for many years, but I do not know how to do diamond tuft and if I can’t get these seats dyed, I will have to find out how so I can recover them for him. Do you have any advise for me? Thank you very much.

Hi Carolyn,
Unfortunately there’s no way to restore this fabric. Sorry. You get to learn diamond tufting.

2 Responses to “Diamond Tufted Seats – Sun Damage”

  1. GRAY69 says:

      get fabric spray paint.

  2. Kirsten says:

    If your into it, there is some movie techniques of airbrushing with acrylics that will restore the color and there are some fabulous new spray paints at Joanns of all places.  Remember to tape off you area before spraying or take the seats out.   But I would like to know the fiber content of the crushed velvet.  There are some dab dyes that shoe dyers use for dying wedding shoes to match the brides maid dresses, I would have to look into it but I think those might restore the color for awhile but I believe they wear out quicker.  Also a little research into the historical content of your Upholstery would probably go a long way. I have an uncle who restores old cars and he might have some answers.   can you get me make and model of the truck? and pictures:)