Discolored Coat From Salt Water

I have a beautiful, blue suede coat with blue fox collar that my husband bought for me in Venice. I made the mistake of wearing it on an open boat to a New Year’s Eve party in the Bahamas. Coming home there was a squall; the coat got soaked with salt water and has discolored. Who, if anyone, could dye the coat? Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Dear Farside,
A quick search of the internet turned up Coronet Leather in Denver. They dye and refurbish leather and suede of all kinds. You may have to settle for a darker blue – I doubt if they can restore the coat to its exact color. Take a look at their website – www.coronetleather.com. They are used to providing services for people around the country, and are set up to receive and return leather work that is shipped to them.
Good luck! Your coat sounds beautiful and I hope that it can be satisfactorily restored.

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