Discolored Satin

Hi, I have a Christening gown that was worn by my mother in the early 60’s, and my self in the early 80’s, I would like to use it for my own child (I’m not sure if it was used before my mum so it is at least 45 years old). It is a satin(? ) under dress, with a lace over dress. They have both discolored to a yellowish shade as they have not been stored properly. What is the best way to restore them, professionally or at home? And once restored how should they be stored?
Thanks Sheridan NSW Australia

Sheridan: Use the gown the way it is. Nothing you do will bring it back to the way it was. It “aged” naturally, as did you and your “mum”, so enjoy it for what it is, a grand heirloom.
Good Luck, Andy

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