Do I Need An RN For My Cltohing?

Andy I am debuting my new line at magic in Vegas next month. I want to make sure I have everything completed. do I need an RN number for our clothing? and how do I get one in CA? anything else you can point out would be great. thanks

Dear Patrick: Good luck on your debut at MAGIC. I hear that it is a great show. Bring plenty of business cards. I know that I’ve run out at times, and it is always a problem getting new ones made while you are trying to concentrate on selling.
You will need an RN eventually, so you may as well start the paperwork. Visit the government’s web site at www.ftc.gov. You should be able to apply on line. MAGIC also has an area for textiles. Try walking through there either before or after your show, to get to meet some of the vendors there. You never know who you’ll meet. Go with an open mind and have fun. The business will follow. Listen to your customers. They will guide you in your next line. Good Luck, Andy

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