How To Get Crazy Glue Out Of My Couch?

how do I get crazy glue out of micro fiber ottoman?

Dear Donald: It’s crazy to be using Crazy glue while sitting on your couch. You can’t remove the glue once it sets. You cover the spot with a large pillow. Good Luck, Andy

One Response to “How To Get Crazy Glue Out Of My Couch?”

  1. FUSA says:

    I did the same stupid thing, and thought it would never come out. WRONG. This works;
    1) rub generous amounts of alcohol (isopropynol) on it
    2) wait 5 minutes and then put an ice cube on it
    3) wait 5 minutes and remove ice cube
    4) pinch up the material so the glued area begins to crack
    5) when the glue is pinched up, you can start to pull it off

    Works great, takes a little bit of time, but you have a TV to watch right? 😉